【PBA】 Denny's Tour Trials 【Round 4 - Chameleon】

Kloss Leads, D'Entremont Moves Up

Dave D'Entremont will look to redeem himself after a bad break to finish the 2007-08 season.

Of all the bowlers in the 2008 Denny’s PBA Tour Trials who could make a case for being the most deserving of an exemption, none can match the case of Dave D’Entremont.

Just two months after an unfortunate accident in the last event of the 2007-08 PBA Tour season cost him a chance at an exemption, D’Entremont is nine games away from redeeming himself. He used a 222.44 average over his nine games Saturday to move into third in the 2008 Lake County Indiana Denny’s PBA Tour Trials at Stardust Bowl II.

The five-day competition features nearly 100 bowlers rolling nine games each day on a different PBA oil pattern. The top seven after Sunday’s final nine-game block earn exemptions for the 2008-09 Denny’s PBA Tour.
Chad Kloss led the field Saturday with a 222.67 average over his nine games and sits atop the standings with an 8,124 36-game pinfall.

A six-time Denny’s PBA Tour titlist, D’Entremont was 43rd in the PBA World Point Rankings heading into the season-ending 65th Denny’s U.S. Open in late March, the same event he finished fourth in the previous season. During the practice day leading up to competition, however, he tripped over a ball bag and severely gashed his leg on a bevel knife which was sticking out of the bag. The injury forced him out of the competition and back to the Tour Trials.

“Considering the way things went down at the U.S. Open, I feel that if that didn’t happen I wouldn’t be here today so it would be very sweet to get my exemption back this week,” D’Entremont said. “I’ll definitely get a little more sleep tonight after bowling well today. This is a grueling week of bowling on top of the Regional Player Championship. By the end of the week I will have bowled about 80 games. I haven’t bowled that many games in a long time.”

D’Entremont (Middleburg Heights, Ohio) was just 58th after the first day this week and 26th after the second day, but he posted the best score of all the competitors on Friday to move up to fifth and his 2,002 nine-game pinfall was second on Saturday behind Kloss, putting him in third heading into the final day with 8,027.

Craig Tuholski (Washougal, Wash.), who led after Thursday and Friday’s rounds, sits second with 8,032 while Troy Wollenbecker (Miami) is fourth with 7,912.

Jason Lundquist (Delaware Water Gap, Pa.) averaged 215.00 on Saturday ? the fifth-best score of the day ? to move into fifth, Ronnie Russell (Indianapolis) is sixth while Tom Sorce went from 10th on Friday to seventh heading into the final day.

Tim Mack (Indianapolis) had the third-best score of the day (220.44) to move into eighth. A former football player at Penn State University, Mack has struggled through injuries over the last few years which have stunted his potential. He’ll look to earn his first career exemption on Sunday.


 【JPBA】 軽井沢プリンスカップ 【TV決勝】




○ 清水弘子 192 - 179 × 中島政江



○ 中島政江 222 - 193 × 松岡美穂子



○ 松岡美穂子 203 - 185 × 西村美紀





 【JPBA】 軽井沢プリンスカップ 【準決勝】






  【PBA】 Denny's Tour Trials 【Round 3 - Scorpion】

Tuholski Maintains Lead

Craig Tuholski looks poised to capture his first career exemption.

The excitement of leading the Denny's PBA Tour Trials nearly cost Craig Tuholski on Friday, but he got it together soon enough to maintain his lead heading into the final two days at Stardust Bowl II.

Tuholski averaged 222.78 over his nine games on the Scorpion oil pattern to keep his spot atop the standings with a 6,149 27-game pinfall.

Nearly 100 bowlers are competing in the event which features five days of competition, each on a different PBA oil pattern. The top seven bowlers after Sunday's final nine-game block will earn one-season exemptions for the 2008-09 Denny's PBA Tour.

Tuholski, who is looking for his first career exemption, admitted to letting some nerves get to him to start the third day of competition.

"I normally really like the Scorpion but this morning I came in and was tentative to start and a little nervous, to be honest," Tuholski (Washougal, Wash.) said. "It took me a while to loosen up but then I started getting aggressive and pulled it back out of the cellar."

Tuholski started with a 173 before improving his score in each of the next four games, peaking at a 258 in the fifth game of the day. After games of 237 and 246 he dipped back down with a 196 in game eight but he closed out the day with a 210 to keep his lead.

"I tried to be a little too perfect this morning," Tuholski said. "In the middle of game three I got relaxed and let things go a little bit and switched to a Hammer Black Widow and that gave me a lot of room."
After just missing an exemption via the PBA Northwest Region a couple months ago, Tuholski has come out with extra motivation this week.

"I had plenty of chances this year on the Regional Tour. I wasn't bowling well early on so I skipped some events and that didn't help but I also had my chances near the end," Tuholski said. "There are a lot of games left this week but I'm in the best possible position I can imagine. But I can't take anything for granted at this point."

Five of the next six bowlers behind Tuholski were exempt in 2007-08 including Chad Kloss (Greenfield, Wis.) in second with 6,149, Troy Wollenbecker (Miami) in third with 6,058, Dave D'Entremont (Middleburg Heights, Ohio) in fifth with 6,025, Jason Wojnar (Chicago) in sixth with 5,995 and David Leverage (Peoria, Ariz.) in seventh with 5,976. D'Entremont had the best score of the day among all the competitors, averaging 241.56 on the Scorpion pattern.

Joe Bailey (Pittsburgh, Pa.), looking for his first career exemption, is fourth with 6,056.








  【PBA】 Denny's Tour Trials 【Round 2 - Shark】

Tuholski Takes Over Top Spot

Craig Tuholski is looking for his first career exemption.

Craig Tuholski took a big step Thursday toward securing his first career Denny's PBA Tour exemption.

Tuholski posted the third-best score of the day by averaging 229.11 on the difficult Shark oil pattern to take the lead after two days in the 2008 Lake County Indiana Denny's PBA Tour Trials at Stardust Bowl II.

The competition features nearly 100 competitors bowling nine games a day over five days with the top seven bowlers after 45 games earning exemptions for the 2008-09 PBA Tour season.

The 33-year-old Tuholski just missed out on an exemption recently by finishing second in the PBA Northwest Region by just 3,000 points. He put himself in a good position to gain redemption Thursday as he sits atop the standings with a 4,144 18-game pinfall.

"The first two patterns used this week have actually been ones I've struggled on the last few years. It must be the wood surface helping me plays these lanes better," Tuholski (Washougal, Wash.) said. "Normally you have to throw the ball soft on these patterns but on the wood I'm able to throw it a little harder which is my game."

Tuholski, a six-time PBA Regional Tour champion, was seventh after the first day, but he used an opening game Thursday of 257 to get off to a good start and had a high game of 275 in game 13 overall to propel him to the lead.
Troy Wollenbecker, who finished fifth in last summer's Tour Trials to earn an exemption but was unable to maintain his exempt status, had the day's second-best score to move into second overall.

"I had my opportunities last year to stay exempt but I didn't make shots when I needed to," Wollenbecker (Miami, Fla.) said. "When you don't make shots when you need to against those guys out there you end up back here. That's reality. When you bowl against Tommy Jones and Chris Barnes you have to bring your "A" game every time."

Wednesday's leader Chad Kloss (Greenfield, Wis.) fell to third overall with 4,094 while Jason Lundquist (Delaware Water Gap, Pa.) moved up to fourth. Jeff Fehr (Cincinnati) stayed in the top seven but went from fourth to fifth while Lonnie Waliczek (Wichita), who shared the lead with Kloss after Wednesday's nine games, is sixth.

Brian LeClair (Athens, N.Y.), another 2007 Tour Trials alum who is looking to regain his exemption, is seventh with 4,010.



  【PBA】 Denny's Tour Trials 【Round 1 - Viper】

Kloss, Waliczek Tie for Lead

Lonnie Waliczek is looking to earn an exemption for the first time since 2004-05.

With his worst of the five PBA oil patterns out of the way, Chad Kloss is feeling good about his chances of earning his second career Denny's PBA Tour exemption.

Kloss averaged 244.33 over his nine games Wednesday to tie Lonnie Waliczek for the lead after the first of five days of qualifying in the 2008 Lake County Indiana Denny's PBA Tour Trials at Stardust Bowl II.

The top seven bowlers based on 45-game pinfall after the five days will receive exemptions for the 2008-09 PBA Tour.

Kloss and Waliczek are coming off opposite seasons in their bowling careers. The 31-year-old Kloss finished sixth in last year's Tour Trials to earn his first career PBA Tour exemption. It was a sharp learning curve, however, and he finished just 49th in the PBA World Point Rankings forcing him back to Tour Trials.

Waliczek, meanwhile, owns two PBA Tour titles but has been unable to get back on Tour full-time since losing his exemption after the 2004-05 season. He took some time off from bowling recently to refresh and get his game back on track.

Both finished with a 2,199 nine-game pinfall on the Viper oil pattern. Each of the five days of competition takes place on one of the five standard PBA oil patterns. Thursday's nine games will be held on Shark pattern.

"This is my worst pattern, or it used to by my worst pattern," Kloss (Greenfield, Wis.) said. "I drilled a Storm ball yesterday and it was exactly what I needed. Everything just fell into place today."

Kloss was confident coming into this week's event due to his success last summer but anxious to repeat that success.
"Honestly, I was more nervous coming into this year's event. I don't know if it was being out on Tour for a year and wanting to be back out there again but game one I missed a spare in the 10th frame and I was really upset with myself," Kloss said. "From there, I just tried to focus harder."

Kloss, who had a high game of 287 in game six, was just 39th after the first day of Tour Trials in 2007 but slowly climbed up the standings throughout the week on his way to a sixth-place finish. He'll look to stay atop the standings on his favorite pattern on Thursday.

Waliczek (Wichita, Kan.), whose last title came in 2003, had the lone 300 game of the day. He was perfect in the second of nine games and never looked back.

Christopher Blackmore (Alexandria, Va.) and Jeff Fehr (Cincinnati), who are each shooting for their first career exemptions, finished third and fourth respectively. Brian LeClair (Athens, N.Y.), who finished fourth in last year's Tour Trials, is fifth.

Don Stephenson (Palm Bay, Fla.) finished sixth while Craig Tuholski (Washougal, Wash.) finished seventh. Both bowlers are also looking for their first exemptions.



  【PBA】 PBA Lake County Indiana Regional Players Championship

Swanson Wins RPC

Sean Swanson earned a berth in the 2008-09 PBA Tournament of Champions.

Sean Swanson was out of his comfort zone as an exempt bowler on the Denny's PBA Tour in 2007-08. Now that he's back in his element, Swanson is back to his winning ways.

Swanson defeated Gregg Zicha, 247-154, Monday to win the 2008 PBA Lake County Indiana Regional Players Championship at Stardust Bowl II, his first career PBA Regional Tour Major title.

After winning the 2006-07 PBA Southwest Region, Swanson earned his first career PBA Tour exemption, but being away from home for most of six months saw him drop to 53rd in the PBA World Point Rankings knocking him out of the running for a 2008-09 exemption.

"The Tour just wasn't for me," Swanson (Springfield, Mo.) said. "I'd rather be gone 2-3 days a week than weeks at a time."

A regional bowler at heart, Swanson showed where his comfort level was this weekend, dominating his opponents on Monday. He capped it off with an easy win against Zicha.

Swanson won his first four matches by a combined 10-2 match score. He then took down the No. 2 seed John Gould (Richmond, Calif.), 223-167, in the semifinals before squaring off against Zicha.

The title match was never in doubt as Zicha (Glen Ellyn, Ill.) opened in the third and fourth frames and Swanson ran away with the match by striking in the first five frames and in seven of the first nine, clinching the victory with a strike in the ninth frame.

"The last two matches today I was lucky to get off to a good start in each," Swanson said. "The lanes were really difficult today and when the lanes are tough, if you get out to a good start with a couple strikes your opponents start squeezing it a little bit and that leads to some splits."

The victory was the 15th PBA Regional Tour title of Swanson's career, but his first Major. He earned $9,000 for the victory along with a spot in the prestigious 2008-09 PBA Tournament of Champions as well as a berth in the 2008 PBA Regional Players Invitational.

Zicha took home $5,000 for second while Gould and Craig Tuholski (Washougal, Wash.) earned $2,800 for third and fourth.






KIRIN CUP OPEN 2008 保倉映義、初優勝!

男達の気合いが雨雲を吹き飛ばしたかのように、晴天の中で迎えた最終日。若手の健闘ぶりが光ったKIRIN CUP OPEN 2008を保倉映義が制しました!
最後は笑いと祝福の拍手で場内が包み込まれた今年の KIRIN CUP OPEN でした。


× 水野成祐 220 - 224 ○ 保倉映義



× 安部誠司 194 - 224 ○ 保倉映義



○ 保倉映義 241 - 194 × 坂田重徳














梶 義宏









パーフェクト達成数記録を塗り替えた、歴史的な大会となった2008SAP埼玉オープン。パーフェクトにはならずとも270以上のビッグゲームがあちこちで飛び出す、一瞬でも気を抜けば負けてしまうシビアな戦いを制し頂点に立ったのは、PBAが誇る強豪、日本でもファンの多いパーカー・ボーン IIIでした!
第1ラウンドから第3ラウンドまでのトータルアベレージが244.7ピンという脅威的な勢いで勝ち抜けてきたパーカー・ボーン IIIは、決勝トーナメントでもその強さをいかんなく発揮。
第3ラウンドの対戦では10ピン差でパーカー・ボーン IIIに敗北を喫した益田、優勝決定戦という最高の舞台でのリベンジを果たすべく、6フレまでをまったくの互角で戦いましたが、7フレで2番ピンを残してしまい、一歩後退することに。
その後も益田が必死に追いすがりましたが、パーカー・ボーン IIIはペースを崩さず、ワンマーク差を守って逃げ切り、見事SAP埼玉オープン初優勝を決めました!



I グループ


II グループ


III グループ


IV グループ








大友 仁










Parker Bohn III








石橋 孝


Parker Bohn III


原 昭彦




































  【PBA】 PBA Senior Jackson Open

Petraglia Back in Winner's Circle

Johnny Petraglia captured his sixth PBA Senior Tour title and first since 2001.

Some things just seem destined to be. After a rollercoaster Tuesday of bowling, a sixth PBA Senior Tour title was just in the cards for Johnny Petraglia.

Petraglia defeated Hugh Miller, 226-213, to win the 2008 PBA Senior Jackson Open at Airport Lanes for his first since PBA Senior Tour title since 2001.

The 61-year-old PBA Hall of Famer was on the ropes in nearly all of his matches Tuesday, nearly squandering a 2-0 lead to Gary Hiday in the best-of-five Round of 24 and falling behind 1-0 in the best-of-three Round of 8 to Dale Traber. Things looked the most bleak in the title match against Miller, however, as Petraglia trailed by 40 pins in the sixth frame.

Miller, looking for his first career PBA Senior Tour title, struck in six of the first seven frames to open up a big lead, but he left the 4-6 split and opened in the eighth to open the door for Petraglia. The Manalapan, N.J., native responded with four consecutive strikes in the seventh through 10th frames to pull close.

A fifth consecutive strike would have forced Miller to double in the 10th, but Petraglia left a solid 8-pin, meaning Miller only needed a strike to win. Instead, Miller left the 3-6-7 split giving Petraglia the win.

"What an interesting win. I lost three different times today," Petraglia said. "Traber had me dead and I ended up winning. Hiday let me back in the match. And the last game I'm going on a 190 pace in the seventh frame and Hugh's bowling a 239. Then he leaves the 4-9. I had to get up and throw some big strikes there, but when something like that happens, you just have that feeling. You just feel like you're going to do it."

Petraglia indeed threw the big shots when he needed them, not only late in the match against Miller but throughout the day, showing why he won 14 times on the Denny's PBA Tour and was victorious five times in his first four years on the PBA Senior Tour.

"I've had a bunch of seconds since then so it's nice to win again," Petraglia said of the seven years since his last victory, which came in 2001 in Klamath Falls, Ore. "I lost in the title match twice last year, and last week in the Ladies and Legends with Shannon (O'Keefe) I thought we had a good shot to win and we finished third. It looked like the same thing was going to happen here so it's nice to have it turn around."

While he got some breaks along the way, Petraglia did his part to put himself in position to win.

"I bowled well all day and shot good scores," Petraglia said. "I bowled 13 games today and chopped one spare. All my other games were clean so it was a very good day."

Petraglia earned $8,000 for his victory while Miller (Seattle) took home $4,500. Keith Sharp (Orlando, Fla.) who fell to Miller in the semifinals, 237-200, to fall just shy of his second win in three events, and Kenny Parks (East Chicago, Ind.), who fell to Petraglia, 202-180, took home $3,000 each.



  【PBA】 Columbia 300 Ladies and Legends

Harvey, Kulick Team Up for Victory

Robert Harvey and Kelly Kulick teamed up to win the PBA Ladies and Legends.

It took Robert Harvey just two weeks to win his first PBA Senior Tour title, but it certainly didn't come easy.

Harvey converted one of the biggest spares of his life in the 10th frame Monday to seal the 233-225 victory for he and his partner Kelly Kulick in the 2008 Columbia 300 Ladies and Legends presented by MGD 64 at The Cherry Bowl.

Kulick, one of the most decorated female bowlers in the world who is famous for becoming the first woman to earn an exemption on the Denny's PBA Tour, carried the way through much of the title match against the No. 1 seed April Ellis and Dale Eagle. She struck with her first four shots in the Baker style alternate-shot format, while Harvey struggled late in the match with back-to-back seven-spares.

The No. 2 seeds got some help late in the match when Eagle missed a 10-pin in the eighth frame but Ellis responded with a strike in the ninth and Eagle redeemed himself by striking out in the 10th to force Harvey to mark in the 10th.

A nervous Harvey got up and threw a perfect shot but left the 10-pin, setting up a nerve-wracking spare attempt. He converted the spare with ease, however, to earn his first PBA Senior Tour title.

"This is my first win so I couldn't wish for anything more than the way it happened," Harvey (Boise, Idaho) said. "Kelly and I were definitely a team in every sense of the word."

They proved to be the best of the 24 teams throughout the day, compiling a 19-5 record in round robin match play then winning both their matches in the championship round.
"We did such a good job as a team and we did it all day," Kulick (Union, N.J.), who also owns a PBA Regional Tour title, said. "If one of us made a bad shot we picked each other up. For him to win his first title having to throw a big shot like that is awesome."

The stepladder finals started with the No. 4 team Bob Brady and Shannon Pluhowsky taking down the No. 5 seeded Lucy Sandelin and Rohn Morton, 235-185. Brady and Pluhowsky fell to the No. 3 team of Shannon O'Keefe and PBA Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia, 230-183, as Petraglia struck with all seven of his shots. They ran into Kulick and Harvey, however, who advanced to the title match with a 235-202 victory.

Eagle and Ellis came into the finals as the top seed after going 17-7 in match play but fell behind early when Kulick and Harvey started the title match with five consecutive strikes. They clawed their way back into the match, but ultimately were undone by Eagle's open in the eighth.

Kulick and Harvey will split $15,000 for their victory while Ellis and Eagle share $8,000. O'Keefe and Petraglia take home $6,000, Brady and Pluhowsky split $5,000 while Sandelin and Morton share $4,000.