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  【PBA】 H&R Block Tournament of Champions 【Final】

Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat

Michael Haugen Jr. captured his first career Major title on Sunday.

Michael Haugen Jr.'s chances to win his first career Major title looked bleak in the sixth frame of Sunday's H&R Block Tournament of Champions. What followed next may go down as one of the greatest comebacks in Denny's PBA Tour history, and was the most heartbreaking moment in the career of a man who has had many.

Haugen overcame a 50-pin deficit to defeat Chris Barnes, 215-214, Sunday in a title match that was as much about Haugen's guts as it was about the crucial mistake Barnes made to miss out on his third career Major title.

The top-seeded Haugen had an adventurous week, which started in urgent care Wednesday night due to a sickness. He bounced back to make match play by qualifying eighth and went 15-3 in round robin to earn an automatic berth in the title match.

Barnes came into the finals riding a seven-game losing streak, the second-longest streak on his career, but he had a history of breaking losing streaks with a flair for the dramatic: he broke a career-worst eight-game losing streak in 2005 by winning his first career Major title in the 62nd U.S. Open

Things looked to be heading that way again when the No. 2 seed Barnes breezed past No. 3 Ryan Shafer, 257-205, in the semifinals and started the title match with strikes in the first three frames while Haugen left the 4-6-7 in the second and the 4-7-10 in the fifth giving Barnes what seemed like an insurmountable lead.

The match started to turn in the seventh when Barnes lost his carry and left three consecutive single pins, the third of which set off a stunning turn of events. Barnes whiffed the 10-pin in the ninth frame, giving Haugen the slightest of openings. Haugen, who had struck in the seventh and eighth frames, took advantage by striking in the ninth and then doubling in the 10th to force Barnes to double for the win.

The eight-time champion left a 2-pin with his first shot in the 10th and picked up the spare which still gave him a chance for the tie with a strike. Instead, he left the 4-pin this time, leaving Haugen to celebrate from the bench for the second time this season.

"You can't give up, you just can't. There's a lot of pressure and prestige in this event and you just want to make good shots and not embarrass yourself," Haugen (Cave Creek, Ariz.) said. "I looked at the scoreboard around the seventh frame and knew if he didn't strike the rest of the way and I did, the most he could get was 220s and I could get to the 210s. I knew I could at least make him think about it. Anything can happen, a 7-10 or a 4-9, but I never thought it would be a missed single pin."

This week marked Haugen's first career Tournament of Champions event. He won his first career title in the 2007 Lake County Indiana Classic in November, defeating Wes Malott, 247-239. That day, Malott needed a strike in the 10th frame to win but left the 10-pin to give Haugen his first taste of victory. On Sunday, he became just the second bowler in history - and the first since Joe Joseph in 1962 - to win their first career title and the Tournament of Champions in the same season.

"A lot of people say your career doesn't start until your first title and that the first one validates you as a bowler. What you do after that really defines your career," Haugen said. "That first win definitely gave me confidence but mostly I'm just in a better place in my life. I made a commitment to just worry about myself and not worry about anything else. If I keep my karma good, things will be just fine."

Haugen earned $50,000 and a two-year exemption through the 2009-10 season for his victory. Barnes (Double Oak, Texas) earned $25,000 for second and Shafer (Horseheads, N.Y.), who defeated PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber in the first match, 215-213, took home $10,000 for third. Weber (St. Ann, Mo.), who was looking for his record-breaking ninth career Major, earned $7,000 for fourth.


  【PBA】 PBA Exempt Doubles Classic 【Final】

Fagan, Wiseman Sneak By

Danny Wiseman and Michael Fagan captured the PBA Exempt Doubles Classic

Of all the times Michael Fagan dreamed of capturing his first Denny's PBA Tour title, never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined it happening the way it did Sunday.

Fagan and his teammate Danny Wiseman watched as Joe Ciccone missed a spare in the 10th frame that would have tied the match, giving Fagan his first title and Wiseman his 12th with a 210-208 win over Ciccone and Ronnie Russell in the 2008 PBA Exempt Doubles Classic at Red Rock Lanes.

Fagan and Wiseman jumped out to a big lead early, starting the match with five strikes in a row while Russell and Ciccone had two spares and an open in the first four frames. Fagan had two major hiccups late in the match, however, leaving the 1-2-4-6-10 washout in the sixth and a 3-6-10 in the eighth, both of which resulted in open frames. Ciccone and Russell responded with strikes in the sixth and seventh and again in the ninth to pull closer and then Wiseman and Fagan went spare-spare-strike the rest of the way, giving Ciccone a chance to win the match for his team with a strike and nine-spare in the 10th.

Ciccone, who was looking for his first career Denny's PBA Tour title as was Russell, struck with his first ball in the 10th, but then left the 2- and 5-pins, meaning a spare would take the teams to a one-ball roll-off.

The crowd at Red Rock Lanes along with Fagan and Wiseman sat stunned when Ciccone missed to the left and missed both pins, giving Fagan and Wiseman the title.

"I'm in shock. My heart just goes out to Joe," Wiseman (Baltimore), who won his first title since 2004, said. "I'm so happy for Michael though. He's such a talented player and I hope this is the first of many more for him."

Fagan, who was redeemed after nearly costing his team the title, echoed Wiseman's sentiments but was relieved to get his first win, an exemption for the 2008-09 season and a berth in the 2008-09 Tournament of Champions.

"I never would have imagined winning my first title this way, but I'll take it any way I can get it," Fagan (Patchogue, N.Y.) said. "Danny and I had a great connection all week. It's just exciting to get that first win and qualify for the Tournament of Champions."

Fagan and Wiseman were the top seed for the stepladder final and took on the No. 4 seeded Ciccone and Russell, who won two matches to get to the title game.

In the semifinal, Ciccone and Russell defeated Bill O'Neill and Mike Scroggins, 233-223. Ciccone and Russell held a comfortable lead until Russell left the 4-9 in the ninth to let Scroggins and O'Neill back in. With a chance to double for the win, Scroggins gave it right back when he left the 3-6-7 and opened. Ciccone got up in the 10th and struck with his first two shots to give his team the 233-223 win.

In the first match, Ciccone and Russell defeated Chris Barnes and Wes Malott, 235-193. Russell, making his first career TV appearance, had clutch strikes in the eighth and 10th frames sandwiched around a Ciccone strike in the ninth which sealed the win over Barnes and Malott, who were unable to strike after the seventh frame.

Fagan and Wiseman split $40,000 for the win and each earned an exemption for the 2008-09 season. Ciccone (Buffalo) and Russell (Indianapolis) split $18,000 for second, O'Neill (Levittown, Pa.) and Scroggins (Amarillo, Texas) split $9,000 for third and Barnes (Double Oak, Texas) and Malott (Argyle, Texas) earned $7,000 for fourth.



  【PBA】 H&R Block Tournament of Champions 【Round Robin】

First Time's the Charm?

Michael Haugen Jr. will look to win the T of C in his first appearance.

After spending Wednesday night at urgent care, doctors told Michael Haugen Jr. he probably shouldn't bowl until Thursday night.

But seeing as how it was his first career PBA Tournament of Champions, Haugen ignored the doctor's orders. Now, he's one win away from his first career Major title.

Haugen went 15-3 in round robin match play Friday to earn the top seed for the stepladder finals of the 2008 H&R Block Tournament of Champions, the second of four Majors on the Denny's PBA Tour.

Back in November, Haugen won his first title in 200 career events, breaking one of the longest winless droughts on Tour. Just two months after the event, Haugen hardly looked like a guy mixing it up with the legends of the game for the first time in his career.

He got through Thursday's qualifying in eighth then blitzed through the field in match play to lead by over 150 pins.

Haugen will now look to win his first career Major title and earn a two-season Denny's PBA Tour exemption.
"On Thursday I felt bad, tired, weak but it's the Tournament of Champions and it's my first one and I wasn't going to miss it," Haugen (Cave Creek, Ariz.) said. "I bowled well Thursday and kept myself close. Who knew today was going to turn out like today."

Sunday will mark the first time Haugen will be the top seed for a stepladder final. He was the No. 2 seed for the finals of the 2003 U.S. Open where he defeated Pete Weber in the semifinals but fell to Walter Ray Williams Jr. in the title match.

"I look at it like this: I led the tournament and it's one game Sunday," Haugen said. "I decide my own fate. It has to go through me one way or another. There's no way you can feel bad about that."

Earning the No. 2 seed was Chris Barnes, who qualified for his third consecutive championship round appearance and his Tour-leading seventh of the season. The 2006 Tournament of Champions winner will bowl in two championship rounds on Sunday as he also teamed up with Wes Malott earlier in the week to earn the No. 2 seed for Sunday's PBA Exempt Doubles Classic final, which takes place following the Tournament of Champions final.

In an exciting position round match, Ryan Shafer held on to the No. 3 seed while Pete Weber shot 247 in the final game to jump from No. 6 to No. 4 and earn the final spot in the championship round. Weber will be looking to make history as the first bowler ever to win each of the PBA's Triple Crown events - U.S. Open, World Championship and Tournaments - twice.

Weber struck with his first seven shots in the position round against Mike Machuga before leaving a 10-pin in the seventh frame. He then had to worry about Parker Bohn III on the next pair who went into the position round in seventh but he started with the first eight strikes and looked like he might go around Wes Malott, Weber and Mike Machuga. After Weber struck in the eighth in his match, Bohn left the 4-6-7-8-10 and opened in his ninth frame.

Weber then struck in the ninth but he opened in the 10th allowing Bohn another chance. Bohn needed to double in the 10th to make the finals, but he left the 10-pin to give Weber the final spot.

"I was just thinking if I stay clean, I can't miss the show but then I opened in the 10th at the worst time," Weber (St. Ann, Mo.) said. "I thought I threw it good but it grabbed the lane. Maybe I was soft with it because I was thinking 'don't 2-10.' But I stuck in there tonight and threw strikes when I needed them."

Weber will look to break a tie with Earl Anthony for most career Majors as he'll try to win his ninth on Sunday.

"That would be nice to add another Major to my resume," Weber said. "And it definitely would help me get into the Player of the Year race if I can get a couple more titles this year. Walter Ray is bowling well but so are Patrick Allen, Parker Bohn, Wes Malott and a bunch of other guys. The Player of the Year definitely hasn't been sealed yet."



Chris Barnes and Wes Malott are 1-2 in the standings after teaming up to make the doubles finals.

Wes Malott wasn't even sure he'd be able to compete in this week's H&R Block Tournament of Champions, but now he's looking like a good bet to make Sunday's championship round and win his first career Major title.

Malott overcame a severe blister on his right thumb to shoot 300 and lead the 54-bowler field with a 3,350 14-game pinfall at Red Rock Lanes, taking the top seed into match play in the second of four Majors on the Denny's PBA Tour.

The three-time titlist who won his third title just two weeks ago, tore open a blister on his bowling hand early in the week during the PBA Exempt Doubles Classic and nearly withdrew from the event. Instead, he continued to bowl because he was paired with fellow Columbia staffer Chris Barnes, and the two advanced to Sunday's championship round. He'll look to make it two championship rounds on Sunday if he can stay in the top four during the 18 games of round robin.

"I didn't think I would even be able to finish the doubles event but when I found out I was paired with Chris I did everything I could do to bowl," Malott (Argyle, Texas) said. "I patched it up and we made it to the show and then I took Wednesday off and didn't even touch a ball. I got here this morning and bowled really well tonight. The thumb is pretty much healed now but it's still patched up because I don't want it to crack again and become a problem."

Malott averaged 226.29 over the first seven games but came out of the gates in the second block with a perfect game. He finished the round with games of 278 and 258 to take over the lead.

"I hit the pocket a lot this morning and didn't get rewarded very much so I drilled a Columbia Momentum and was able to get momentum and carry it through the rest of the day," Malott said. "If I can win a Major here that puts me in good position for Player of the Year. I didn't think anyone could catch (Walter Ray Williams Jr.) but he's having a little trouble right now. He'll figure it out and finish the season strong but I'm definitely going to have to bowl well to even have a chance at that."

Malott has had close calls in Majors before, finishing third in the 2004 PBA World Championship and second in last season's 64th U.S. Open. He currently sits fourth in the PBA World Point Rankings and third in the PBA Player of the Year race.

Barnes (Double Oak, Texas), Malott's teammate for Sunday's doubles finals, made a late run in the second block to move into second with 3,307. He averaged 239.86 over the final seven games and will look to win his second Tournament of Champions in the last three years.

Eugene McCune (Munster, Ind.) is third with 3,278, PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III (Jackson, N.J.) is fourth with 3,270 and 13-time titlist Randy Pedersen (Clermont, Fla.), the color commentator for the PBA on ESPN, is fifth with 3,261.

Sean Rash (Wichita, Kan.), who won the 2007 United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Masters in October and is looking to become just the fifth bowler to win back-to-back Majors, is sixth with 3,253.

In a field of 54 bowlers with a combined 511 titles and with bowlers ranging in ages from their 60s to their 20s, 24 of the 32 bowlers who advanced to match play are exempt on the Denny's PBA Tour. Among the non-exempt bowlers advancing were PBA Hall of Famers and PBA Senior Tour bowlers David Ozio, Steve Cook and Johnny Petraglia. Ozio finished 13th and Cook 24th, while Petraglia finished 32nd and earned the final spot in match play by just one pin over 2006-07 PBA Player of the Year Doug Kent despite a 171 in the final game.

The top 32 advanced to round robin match play Friday which features two nine-game blocks. The field will be cut to the top 16 after the first nine games, with the top four advancing to Sunday's live ESPN-televised championship round.

The event features the 39 most recent champions on the Denny's PBA Tour, two winners from major events on both the PBA Senior Tour and PBA Regional Tour and is filled up to 54 by past Tournament of Champions winners and PBA Hall of Famers, based on most recent Denny's PBA Tour win.

300 games (5) - Randy Pedersen, Wes Malott, Parker Bohn, Brian Voss, Pete Weber.


  【PBA】 H&R Block Tournament of Champions 【Round of 64 Qualifying 1】

Off the Couch, Into the Lead

Three-time Tournament of Champions winner Jason Couch holds the lead after one block.

Bowling in his first event of the 2007-08 Denny's PBA Tour season, Jason Couch holds the lead after the first round of qualifying in the 2008 H&R Block Tournament of Champions at Red Rock Lanes, one of four Majors on the Denny's PBA Tour.

Couch (Clermont, Fla.) never fully recovered from off-season knee surgery and has deferred his exemption until the 2008-09 season. He came into this week not sure if he would be able to bowl the entire tournament, but so far his knee has held up just fine.

The 15-time titlist jumped out of the gates fast with a 278 and rebounded from a block-low of 194 in game four to finish with games of 255, 236 and 239 to finish with a 1,685 seven-game pinfall. Couch has always risen to another level in the Tournament of Champions, winning the event an unprecedented three consecutive times from 1999-2002.

Just behind Couch is PBA Hall of Famer Tom Baker (King, N.C.), the three-time reigning PBA Senior Player of the Year who is the only PBA Senior Tour player exempt on the Denny's PBA Tour. Baker used a 279 in game six and a 248 in game seven to finish second with 1,680.

Like his fellow Clermont Fla., resident Couch, 13-time titlist Randy Pedersen has excelled in his first event of the season. Pedersen, eligible for the event due to his 2002 Pepsi Open title, fired the only 300 game of the morning in game three and held the overall lead through much of the morning. He finished third with 1,678.

Eugene McCune (Munster, Ind.) and Ryan Shafer (Horseheads, N.Y.) round out the top five in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Defending champion Tommy Jones (Simpsonville, S.C.) is 11th with 1,618.


 【JPBA】 キリンビバレッチ シーズントライアル 2008 ウィンターシリーズ









会場:アソビックスびさい ビサイボウル



  【PBA】 PBA Exempt Doubles Classic 【Round Robin】

East Coast Express

Michael Fagan and Danny Wiseman earned the top seed for Sunday's finals

Danny Wiseman and Michael Fagan are at opposite ends of the spectrum in their careers but they've joined forces in this week's PBA Exempt Doubles Classic and are one win away from a Denny's PBA Tour title.

Wiseman, who owns 11 career Denny's PBA Tour titles, and Fagan, who is looking for his first, teamed up to go 9-6-1 in match play to earn the top seed for Sunday's stepladder finals at Red Rock Lanes.

The 40-year-old Wiseman, who went 7-9 in his matches, and the 27-year-old Fagan, who went 12-4, will look to win the first doubles event on the Denny's PBA Tour since 2001.

"I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing this," Wiseman (Baltimore, Md.) said of bowling on Tour. "It would be nice to help Michael win that first title. I've seen him grow as a player over the years and I know how talented he is. It would be really nice to help him get the first one and get him started to many more."

Wiseman pointed to their similar styles as the key to their success.

"We played the lanes similar down the lane at the break point. His rev rate is much higher than mine and his motion is much stronger so he was deeper at the lay down area but the angles to the pocket were similar," Wiseman said. "It varied throughout the day as the lanes transitioned but we were able to follow each other all day and it was just a matter of making good shots and making spares."

Fagan, who is making his fifth career TV appearance compared to 44 by Wiseman, has no qualms about winning his first career title in a doubles event.

"I'd love to bowl the Tournament of Champions and I'll take it however I can get it," Fagan (Patchogue, N.Y.) said. "Once you get the monkey off your back and get the first one hopefully the others come easier."

Earning the No. 2 seed was the 14th-seeded team heading into match play of Mike Scroggins and Bill O'Neill, who went a tournament best 12-4 to make the finals. Scroggins knows all about making big comebacks as he won four matches as the No. 5 seed to win last week's Motel 6 Dick Weber Open for his fourth career Denny's PBA Tour title.

The first match is between the No. 3 seed Chris Barnes and Wes Malott, who went 9-7, and the No. 4 seed Joe Ciccone and Ronnie Russell, who went 11-5. The teams are a stark contrast to each other as Barnes and Malott own a combined 11 Denny’s PBA Tour titles while Ciccone and Russell will each be looking for their first title. Ciccone has made just five career championship round appearance while Russell will be making his first.

Teams earned 30 bonus pins for each team win and also were rewarded 10 points for individual wins. Each match was split into two singles matches on top of a double match.


 【JPBA】 キリンビバレッチ シーズントライアル 2008 ウィンターシリーズ





  【PBA】 PBA Exempt Doubles Classic 【Round of 64】

Castillo, Machuga Take Top Spot

Mike Machuga and Dino Castillo are the top team heading into round robin match play

Dino Castillo will lean on a bowler who has already tasted victory on the Denny's PBA Tour to help him earn his first career title.

Castillo led Monday's Round of 64 in the PBA Exempt Doubles Classic with a 3,326 14-game pinfall and will team up with Denny's PBA Tour champion Mike Machuga, who finished second with 3,322, for match play Tuesday at Red Rock Lanes.

This week's tournament marks the first doubles event on the Denny's PBA Tour since 2001. The top 32 advanced to match play from Monday's Round of 64 and will be teamed up based on qualifying position.

Castillo used a 300 game in the 10th game of the day to propel him to the lead. He averaged 240.43 over the final seven games.

"Today was a very, very good day. I had a good reaction with my ball. I used an Ebonite Gamebreaker early and then I actually used a different Gamebreaker later in the day," Castillo (Carrollton, Texas) said. "I had a nice motion and kept it simple. I didn't do anything too crazy and made the right moves. They were small moves but they were the right ones. I'm just trying to keep a calm head and keep the ball rolling."

Castillo teams up with Machuga, who captured his lone Denny's PBA Tour title in 2005. Machuga, who led the first seven-game block, also fired a 300 game in the second block with his perfect game coming in game nine.

"I'm pretty excited. It's something different and new and I'm excited to bowl with Choogs," Castillo said of Machuga (Erie, Pa.). "He's an unbelievable bowler. He's proven that time and time again, and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to bowl with him. He'll be the anchor. I have 100 percent confidence in him throwing it in the clutch when we need it."

Finishing third and fourth, respectively, and forming the No. 2 team for match play was Danny Wiseman (Baltimore) and Michael Fagan (Patchogue, N.Y.). Wiseman owns 11 Denny's PBA Tour titles while Fagan will be looking for his first.

Steve Jaros (Yorkville, Ill.) and Stevie Weber (Chalmette, La.) finished fifth and sixth and form the No. 3 team while Mika Koivuniemi and Walter Ray Williams Jr. finished seventh and eighth and team up for a formidable duo at the No. 4 spot. Koivuniemi was the 2003-04 PBA Player of the Year and owns eight career titles while Williams is the Tour's all-time titles leader with 44 and currently leads the 2007-08 PBA Player of the Year race.

Two of the hottest bowlers on Tour form the No. 5 team as eight-time champion Chris Barnes finished ninth and three-time winner Wes Malott finished 10th. Malott owns one title this season while Barnes has made a Tour-high tying five championship round appearances.



Four for Four

Mike Scroggins

Mike Scroggins came into Sunday's final round of the Motel 6 Dick Weber Open two losses away from tying a PBA record for the longest losing streak in televised matches. Now he's on a four-game winning streak.

Scroggins broke an eight-match television losing streak and became the first No. 5 seed since Tommy Jones in 2005 to win a stepladder final on the Denny's PBA Tour, knocking off top-seed Chris Barnes, 226-171, to win his fourth career title at Fountain Bowl.

Just as Wes Malott did as the lone right-hander in last week's Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic final round against three lefties, the lone lefty Scroggins let the four right-handers in the finals burn up the lanes while he put up high score after high score. After a close game against Pete Weber in the opening match, Scroggins dominated his next three opponents.

In the title match, Barnes was doomed by a 4-6 split and an open in the sixth frame followed by a 1-2-4-10 washout and open in the seventh. Scroggins wrapped up the match with strikes in the eighth and ninth frames.

After the match, Scroggins was brought tears when talking about what it meant to him to win the tournament named in honor of the late Dick Weber. He recalled the time Weber gave him a hand-clipped newspaper article soon after Scroggins won the 2004 Baby Ruth Real Deal Classic.

"He was such a great guy and for a legend to come up after a tournament and give me press clippings that he actually cut out, I'll never forget that," Scroggins (Amarillo, Texas) said. "He said, 'Mike, put these away and always remember how you felt that day.' He was a special guy and I'll never forget him."

Scroggins was anything but the sentimental favorite going into the finals, facing the unenviable task of going up against Pete Weber, who was making the finals for the first time in the three years the event has been held in honor of his father, who passed away in February 2005. Weber took control of the match after overcoming an early deficit by striking in the seventh, eighth and ninth frames. Needing a strike in the 10th to win, Weber left the 4-9 split which opened the door for Scroggins. Weber picked up the split and struck to force Scroggins to double and Scroggins calmly struck twice to advance.

"I knew bowling Pete was going to be a tough match because the lanes started out so difficult and I knew whoever survived that match would probably go a long way," Scroggins said of his lowest-scoring of the four matches. "On my side, the lanes definitely got better and I was fortunate to double in the 10th to beat Pete. After that just I relaxed.

"Whenever your opponents give you an opening it gives you a boost and fortunately I took advantage of it."

Scroggins was given an opening in all four of his matches and he more than took advantage. In his second match against No. 3 Tommy Delutz Jr., a 269-224 win, Scroggins struck eight consecutive times after an eight-spare in the second frame while Delutz never recovered from two spares and an open in the first four frames.

The third match was never in question as No. 2 seed Jack Jurek was unable to strike until the sixth frame while Scroggins struck seven consecutive times after a nine-spare in the first frame, cruising to the 254-199 win.

Scroggins took home $25,000 for the win and an exemption for the 2008-09 season, while Barnes (Double Oak, Texas), who fell to 0-5 in championship rounds this season, earned $13,000 for second. Jurek (Lackawanna, N.Y.) took home $6,500 for third, Delutz (Flushing, N.Y.) earned $5,500 for fourth while Weber (St. Ann, Mo.) earned $5,000 for fifth.


 【JPBA】 DHC レディースオープンボウリングツアー 第2戦 【TV決勝】




DHCツアー2007/08第2戦 中谷 優子、DHC初優勝!

一年のトーナメント開幕を告げるDHCツアー2007/08第2戦。華麗なる女の戦いに勝利し、2008年優勝一番乗りとなったのは、これがDHCツアー初優勝となる中谷 優子でした!
準々決勝から常に好位置をキープしつつも首位には立てなかった中谷でしたが、決勝ステップラダー・3位決定戦にて昨年から好調の関根 直子と対戦、30ピン以上の差で下し、エンジン全開に。
決勝ラウンドロビンでトップを独走していたものの、優勝決定戦では10ピンに泣かされ調子を掴みきれない松永 裕美を相手に、2フレから6連続ストライク、スペアを挟んでオールウェーを決め、文句なしの完全勝利。昨年10月のDHCツアー第1戦にて、わずか7ピン差で敗北した雪辱を見事果たしました!











 【JPBA】 DHC レディースオープンボウリングツアー 第2戦 【ラウンドロビン】



 【JPBA】 DHC レディースオープンボウリングツアー 第2戦 【準決勝】







  【PBA】 Motel 6 Dick Weber Open 【Round Robin】

Family Ties

The five finalists for the 2008 Motel 6 Dick Weber Open.

It took three years, but Pete Weber finally has a chance to honor his father with a win in the event named after the late PBA Hall of Famer.

Weber went 7-1 in the final eight-game block of round robin match play Friday to earn the No. 4 seed for Sunday's stepladder finals in the 2008 Motel 6 Dick Weber Open at Fountain Bowl.

Weber's father, Dick, passed away in February 2004 and the next season the Dick Weber Open was created in his honor. Weber finished 35th in the 2006 Dick Weber Open and just missed the cut to match play by two places last season, finishing 26th.

This time, Weber finished 12th in qualifying then went 15-9 in match play, including 7-1 in the final block where he needed every win. He went into the position round fifth where he beat Parker Bohn III, 245-205, to earn the fourth seed for Sunday.

"It feels great. I bowled pretty well the first half and last week was just a warm-up week," said Weber (St. Ann, Mo.), who had four top-eight finishes but no championship rounds in the first half. "All the hard work I put in the first half, maybe the second half it will start paying off. Today I made the right guess at the right time with the right ball."

The move Weber was referring to happened just before the position round, where he took on fellow PBA Hall of Famer Bohn for the second consecutive match.

"I bowled Parker the seventh game on lanes 21 and 22 and I was watching the guys on 23 and 24 where the position round was going to be, and the guys who were playing the deep part of the lane were having problems," Weber said. "Two games before, Wes (Malott) bowled 240 throwing it hard and straight. I took a ball I knew I could throw hard and straight and I got the reaction I looked for. It could have gone the other way but fortunately it didn't."

Weber will still need to win four matches Sunday to win the title, but he feels just as confident as ever.

"I don't care about being the fourth seed," the 34-time Denny's PBA Tour titlist said. "I'm good from the fourth or fifth position. A lot of my titles came from there so I'm perfectly fine with it."

Weber's first match will come against No. 5 Mike Scroggins (Amarillo, Texas), who went 18-6 in match play, tied for the best record of the 24 bowlers. The winner will face No. 3 Tommy Delutz Jr. (Flushing, N.Y.) who is making his first championship round of the season and will be looking for his first title since 2001.

Earning the No. 2 seed was Jack Jurek, who went 14-10 and will look to break one of the longest title droughts on Tour. Jurek's lone title came in the 1995 Tums Classic, a span of 132 events.

The man waiting in the title match is eight-time titlist Chris Barnes, who is making his Tour-high tying fifth championship round of the season but is still searching for his first title in 2007-08. Barnes tied Scroggins with the best record at 18-6 and overcame tough lane conditions to average 220 in match play.

"This week has been U.S. Open-like. In fact, the scores might have been lower than the year I won the U.S. Open," Barnes (Double Oak, Texas) said of the tournament widely regarded as the most difficult on Tour. "Today was probably the best day I've had performance-wise this year. The lanes were just hard, but my swing was in-line and I was just very clear mentally and very focused and had very few give-away shots."

Barnes has had success as the top seed before, capturing his first career Major in the 62nd U.S. Open in 2005 as the top seed.

"I'd rather be the top seed than not," Barnes said. "It's all going to be a crap shoot. The lanes will be a lot different because of the guys on the show and the practice time. What guys decide to do in practice determines a lot. I'm feeling good, I just have to make the right moves on Sunday."


 【JPBA】 DHC レディースオープンボウリングツアー 第2戦 【選抜大会】





Parker Bohn III

They say in the round robin format the cream normally rises to the crop. PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III has once again proven the adage true.

Bohn went 7-1 in the first round of match play Thursday night to take the top spot heading into the final two rounds in the 2008 Motel 6 Dick Weber Open at Fountain Bowl.

The 31-time Denny's PBA Tour titlist broke a career-long 61-event winless streak in December to win for the first time since 2005, a victory which also came in the round robin format. Bohn has been a dominant force in round robin events, making the finals in seven of the 13 events the format has been used in over the past three season. Of those seven finals appearances, two came in the 2006 and 2007 Dick Weber Open events, where he finished second and fifth, respectively.

"I always try to get every pin I can, regardless of the format. I rarely throw away pins," Bohn (Jackson, N.J.) said. "Today it felt like we were bowling on the U.S. Open pattern, it was survival of the fittest out there. I think the pattern is scoreable but I think because of the characteristic of the center it's making it very challenging for everyone. You can get lined up and bowl a good game but as soon as you get to the next pair it's up for grabs."

On Thursday, Bohn was sixth after the 15 games of qualifying round, but he won his first four matches to make his way up the standings. After falling to Chris Loschetter in his fifth game, Bohn defeated his next three opponents to take the lead heading into the final 16 games.

"I had a pretty good look early on playing inside with a ball that had a little more surface. I bowled very well the first four games and obviously got some breaks," Bohn said. "I came down to the high end of the bowling center and my ball was out of control, not to mention there was some operator error. When I bowled a 150 the fifth game I decided I better go back to what I had done earlier in the week when the lanes got challenging. I decided to bring out a shinier ball and punt. I just kept it very hard and firm and tried not to give the 1-2 pocket away."

Bohn, who also finished second in the 1994 AMF Dick Weber Classic named in the PBA Hall of Famer's honor, will look to become the third consecutive lefty to win the event after Jason Couch won the first two Dick Weber Open tournaments.

Ritchie Allen ( Columbia, S.C.) went 6-2 on the night and finished with a 5,180 23-game pinfall, just 10 pins behind Bohn. Total pinfall includes all pins from qualifying and match play plus 30 bonus pins for each win and 15 for each tie.

Mike Scroggins (Amarillo, Texas) went 7-1 and is third with 5,126, Chris Loschetter (Avon, Ohio) went 6-2 and is fourth with 5,096, while Brian Kretzer (Dayton, Ohio) went 4-4 and is fifth with 5,083.

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber (St. Ann, Mo.), looking to make the finals for the first time in his father's event, went 4-4 and is eighth, just 85 pins out of fifth place.

Notes: Brad Angelo withdrew following the round Thursday night and will be replaced Friday by alternate Jim Tomek Jr. (Camp Hill, Pa.). Tomek carries over his own pins from qualifying plus he inherits all of Angelo's scratch pins from match play, but does not inherit Angelo's bonus pins.


  【PBA】 Motel 6 Dick Weber Open 【Round 3 Qualifying 】

O'Neill's Got Mad Skills

Bill O'Neill

Bill O'Neill described his performance Thursday as not only his best of the week but his best of the season.

O'Neill averaged 244.00 over his final five-game block to take the top spot heading into match play in the Denny's PBA Tour's Motel 6 Dick Weber Open at Fountain Bowl with a 3,379 15-game pinfall.

The 2005-06 PBA Rookie of the Year is off to a slow start in 2007-08, coming into the week 27th in the PBA World Point Rankings. He used a 278 to jump start his day Thursday and cruised to the lead with games of 255, 235, 215 and 237.

"This was definitely my best block of the entire season," O'Neill (Levittown, Pa.) said. "(Ebonite ball rep and exempt player) Dino (Castillo) laid out a new ball for me, a Columbia Momentum, and I used two of them today and they both rolled really well, and I was able to catch some breaks, too. I stayed away from the 160 game like I have every other block."

It's no surprise O'Neill bowled well this week as he has enjoyed a lot of success in the round robin match play format this season. In the 11 events he's bowled, O'Neill has made match play five times - four times in the round robin format and once in the double elimination format used only in the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Masters.

"This season's been very sub-par for me. Nothing's gone right and I just haven't bowled well," O'Neill said. "I've tried to make some changes with my timing and a couple things with my release, and (Brunswick ball rep) Rick Benoit has really helped me out a lot. Things are finally coming together."

Finishing second was four-time titlist Ryan Shafer who is looking to make his third consecutive top-eight finish after a slow first half of the season. Shafer (Horseheads, N.Y.) finished with 3,308 and was followed by Brian Kretzter (Dayton, Ohio), who finished third with 3,283. Wednesday's leader Jack Jurek (Lackawanna, N.Y.) finished fourth with 3,274 while Troy Wollenbecker (Miami) rounded out the top five with 3,271.

PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber finished 12th with 3,220 and advanced to match play for the first time in the event named after his Hall-of-Fame father. Weber, who ranks tied for third all-time with 34 Denny's PBA Tour titles, is looking to make his first championship round appearance of the season.

Last week's Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic winner Wes Malott (Argyle, Texas) finished tied for 14th with Chris Barnes (Double Oak, Texas) with 3,209.



Jack Jurek

Following one of the best seasons of his career, Jack Jurek is struggling this season to recapture the magic.

The Denny's PBA Tour veteran took a step in the right direction toward getting back on track, striking with his final shot of the night Wednesday to take the lead by one pin after two rounds of qualifying in the 2008 Motel 6 Dick Weber Open at Fountain Bowl.

The 44-year-old, who won his lone Denny's PBA Tour title in 1995, finished 17th in the 2006-07 PBA World Point Rankings and established new career highs in earnings, match play appearances and championship round appearances. He's off to a slow start this season, however, as he came into this week's event 44th in the point rankings. The top 40 at season's end earn exemptions for 2008-09.

"I just haven't felt very good on the lanes. My execution has been erratic and my ball reaction has not been good," Jurek (Lackawanna, N.Y.) said. "I spent some extra time last week practicing and worked on a timing change and obviously there's been improvement, but I'm not completely there yet. It's hard to believe you can lead a tournament like this and not be at the top of your game, but I'm definitely going in the right direction."

On Wednesday, Jurek was second after the first block with a 238.40 average but started slowly in the second five-game block with games of 154 and 188. He bounced back with games of 267 and 268 to move back near the top and overtook David O'Sullivan for the lead by one pin with a 205 in the final game of the day.

"The right lanes were starting to hook more and I had a tough time getting deep enough," Jurek said. "I basically used two balls the rest of the night, one on the right lane and one on left and that seemed to work."

Jurek, who finished with a 2,274 10-game pinfall, finished just ahead of the rookie O'Sullivan, who finished with 2,273 and is looking to make his first career match play appearance. The top 24 after Thursday's final five-game block advance to match play Thursday evening.

Troy Wollenbecker (Miami) sits third with 2,257 while Tommy Delutz Jr. (Flushing, N.Y.) is fourth and Ryan Shafer (Horseheads, N.Y.) is fifth with 2,251 and 2,206, respectively.

Pete Weber, a PBA Hall of Famer with 34 career Denny's PBA Tour titles, will look to make match play in the event named after his PBA Hall of Fame father, Dick, for the first time in the three years the event has been held. Weber finished 12th with 2,182.The top five after Friday will advance to Sunday’s live ESPN-televised championship round at 10 a.m. PST at Fountain Bowl, with the winner taking home $25,000 and an exemption for the 2008-09 season.



Wes Malott

As the only right-handed bowler in Sunday's championship round, Wes Malott thought he might have an advantage against his left-handed opponents. Turns out, he was right.

Malott defeated rookie Rhino Page, 255-193, to win the 2008 Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic at Lava Lanes to capture his third career Denny's PBA Tour title.

The 31-year-old had finished second in his last three championship rounds and four of the last five, but he finally put it all together, striking in 17 of 22 frames in his two matches. The outcome of the two matches were never really in question, a contrast to his recent losses on TV. In three of his last four title-match losses, his margin of defeat was eight pins or less.

"Once we got to the show I knew the lefties would have to go through a transition," Malott (Argyle, Texas) said. "In that first semifinal match, neither of them struck from the fifth frame on so I knew it was starting to transition. I still had to bowl well and thankfully I did and brought it home."

In the title match against Page, who was making history as the first rookie since Mike Durbin in 1967 to make three championship rounds, Malott jumped out to an early lead with strikes in the first four frames. After looking dominant in his first match, a 230-190 win over Patrick Allen, Page never caught up to the transition and failed to string two strikes together after starting the match with a double.

It was another disappointing finish for the 24-year-old phenom, who has finished second twice and fifth in his three championship round appearances. He is still well on his way to the PBA Rookie of the Year award as he sits in the top 10 in the PBA World Point Rankings, all while having to go through the Denny's PBA Tour Qualifying Rounds each week.

Malott, meanwhile, moved up to third in the PBA Player of the Year race behind Allen and leader Walter Ray Williams Jr. Page moved into seventh on the list.

Malott advanced to the title match with a 245-235 win over Parker Bohn III. Malott started the match with six consecutive strikes and never looked back, striking in the eighth and ninth frames to clinch the match.

In the first semifinal, Page jumped ahead of Allen early with strikes in the first five frames which turned out to be enough as neither bowler struck in the final five frames. Allen, who was making his fourth consecutive championship round appearance, had just three strikes in the match and an open in the fourth frame.

Malott earned $25,000 and an exemption for the 2008-09 season with his win. Page (Topeka, Kan.) earned $13,000 for second while Bohn (Jackson, N.J.) and Allen (Wesley Chapel, Fla.) took home $6,000 each for third and fourth, respectively.



Wes Malott

The last time Wes Malott made a Denny's PBA Tour championship round, he and five other right-handers took turns burning up the lanes which allowed left-hander Patrick Allen to breeze to the Lumber Liquidators Championship.

This week, Malott is looking for payback as he will be the only right-handed bowler in Sunday's finals of the 2008 Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic at Lava Lanes.

Malott defeated two left-handers early in the day Friday then knocked off defending champion Sean Rash, four-games-to-none, in the Round of 8 to advance to his third championship round of the season. He'll look to win his first title of the season and the third of his career.

"I bowled two lefties this morning so I knew the lanes would break down differently," Malott (Argyle, Texas) said of his match against Rash. "I was fortunate I got it done in four games because if it had gone on longer, it could've been interesting."

Malott will face PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III in the semifinals Sunday. Bohn captured his 31st career Denny's PBA Tour title three events ago to break a career-worst 61-event winless streak.

"Things could go in my favor Sunday with all the lefties because they're going to have a lot more transition on their side of the lane than I will," Malott said. "They have to go through what I went through in Baltimore when there were eight bowlers and six of us were right handed and we beat up the right side pretty good. That day (Allen) got to play pretty much where he wanted to. I still have to bowl well, but maybe this week is payback."

Malott will look for a change of fortune as he has finished second in both his TV appearances this season. In fact, Malott has finished second in four of his five TV appearances since winning his last title.

The other semifinal will feature a mentor-prodigy match-up between 10-time titlist Patrick Allen - the hottest bowler on Tour - and rookie Rhino Page. The non-exempt Page has had a historic season, advancing through the Denny's PBA Tour Qualifying Round seven times in nine tries and making three championship rounds, something no qualifier has ever done twice. Allen, meanwhile, is making his fourth consecutive TV appearance, a first in his career.

Page had an exciting finish in his Round of 8 match, defeating Mike Mineman, 4-2, and winning the sixth game in a roll-off after the two tied at 225. Mineman could have struck out in the 10th frame to win by one pin and force a game seven, but he got nine on his fill ball giving Page a chance to strike out for the tie. Page did just that, then started the one-ball sudden death roll-off with a strike. Mineman matched him, forcing a second roll-off, but Page struck again and Mineman got just nine, giving Page the 20-19 win.

Allen advanced with a 4-1 win over Brad Angelo.



Ryan Ciminelli

All-time Denny's PBA Tour titles leader Walter Ray Williams Jr. started Thursday's Round of 64 with a 300 game and was atop the leader board after each of the first 12 games. But when it was all said and done, 21-year-old Ryan Ciminelli stood alone at the top.

Ciminelli, who led Wednesday's Denny's PBA Tour Qualifying Round to earn a spot in the Round of 64 Thursday, averaged 254.88 over the final seven games of qualifying to finish with a 3,402 14-game pinfall to earn the top seed for match play in the 2008 Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic at Lava Lanes.

This week marks just the third time in his career Ciminelli has advanced to the Round of 64 through the TQR, but every time he's been there he's made a splash. Two years ago he finished ninth in the GEICO Classic in Cheektowaga, N.Y., as an amateur and earlier this season he finished 11th in the Lumber Liquidators Championship in Baltimore.

On Thursday, Ciminelli was eighth after the first seven-game block, but was a machine in the second block, shooting five consecutive games of 255 or better in the middle of the block including a 277 in game 13 which pushed him past Williams for the first time.

"It was in the back of my mind the whole time I was gaining on him," Ciminelli said of catching the PBA Hall of Famer. "I set a little goal for myself to catch him just to keep myself focused. I didn't think I would catch him since Walter Ray throws so many strikes, but I guess every dog has its day."

Ciminelli (Cheektowaga, N.Y.) will face No. 32 Troy Wollenbecker (Miami) in Friday's Round of 32. Wollenbecker fired a 229 in the final game to take the final spot in match play by just seven pins over Ritchie Allen.

Williams (Ocala, Fla.) finished second with 3,367 and will face No. 31 Doug Kent, the 2006-07 PBA Player of the Year. The two have gone in opposite directions this season as Williams has won two titles and leads the 2007-08 PBA Player of the Year race while Kent is looking to make his first championship round appearance of the season.

Rhino Page (Topeka, Kan.), who qualified through Wednesday's Tour Qualifying Round for the seventh time in nine tries this season, finished third with 3,328 and will face No. 30 Stevie Weber. Page has made history this season, becoming the first qualifier to advance to two championship rounds, including a second-place finish to PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III in the Spartanburg Classic. Bohn finished right behind Page in fourth with 3,300 and will face No. 29 Steve Jaros.

In a rematch of last week's Championship title match, No. 7 Patrick Allen will face No. 26 Tommy Jones. Last Sunday, Jones defeated the 10-time titlist Allen to win his 11th career title.

Defending champion Sean Rash finished ninth with 3,137 and will face No. 24 Michael Haugen Jr.



  【PBA】 Championship 【Final】

Advantage: Jones

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones and Patrick Allen have enjoyed a friendly rivalry the last few years, needling each other about which star has more Denny's PBA Tour titles.

With both players owning 10 titles heading into Sunday's Championship, Jones took over bragging rights by defeating Allen, 254-214, at the National Bowling Stadium (NBS) to capture victory No.11 and become the second bowler ever to win on all five of the PBA's oil patterns.

Jones redeemed himself for a sluggish first half of the season just like Allen did in last year's event at the NBS. Allen did not make a championship round the entire first half of the 2006-07 season before running the table in Reno in the first event following the holiday break, winning what was his eighth career title. Allen would go on to win again in 2006-07 while Jones would cap the season with a win in the PBA Tournament of Champions to set a PBA record for shortest time between his first and 10th titles, while also earning an advantage over Allen in their personal battle.

The tables turned in the first half of this season as Allen made three championship rounds and won his 10th career title in December to pull even with Jones, while Jones suffered one of the worst slumps of his career. He failed to make a championship round in the first half for the first time since his rookie year in 2001-02.

Jones surprised even himself by turning things around this week on the Shark pattern, the only one of the five standard patterns he'd never won on, and one he hadn't even made a championship round on since 2002. He took advantage of a lower scoring pace, which forced players to make good shots every frame.

"I definitely like it when the scores are lower," Jones (Simpsonville, S.C.) said. "The good players are going to win no matter what but when the pace is lower you get rewarded for throwing the ball better instead of just grabbing a ball and guessing right."

Jones definitely got rewarded on Sunday, getting break after break against both Allen and his semifinal opponent Ryan Shafer. Shafer hurt himself by missing the head pin three times in the first five frames and Jones took advantage by throwing a turkey in frames four through six to take the lead and win the match, 223-210.

In the title match, Allen lost his carry after looking solid in defeating Danny Wiseman 248-192 in the first semifinal. After a strike in the first frame, Allen left six consecutive single-pins, including three straight 7-pins at the end of the string. Jones, meanwhile, was locked in, striking six times in a row to run away with the victory and more importantly take over bragging rights between the two, who are the only bowlers to win at least two titles in each of the last three seasons.

"P.A. and I joke back and forth about who has more titles so it's nice to have the edge now, but it's just one of those deals," Jones said. "It's a good start to the New Year and maybe it's the start of another trend like the last couple years."

The 2005-06 PBA Player of the Year joined Mika Koivuniemi as the only bowlers to win on all five patterns.

"It's definitely an accomplishment to know you can bowl well on all the patterns, but I was pretty fortunate today," Jones said. "Shafer got some bad breaks and P.A. just missed a ball change. If he makes that change he would have bowled a lot better. It's been a year of struggles and fortunately I got a lot of breaks today."

Jones earned $25,000 for his win. Allen (Wesley Chapel, Fla.) earned $13,000 for second while Wiseman (Baltimore) and Shafer (Horseheads, N.Y.) took home $6,000 each for third and fourth, respectively.



  【PBA】 Championship 【Round of 8】

Tommy Gun Firing Again

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones' heels have been cooled lately after winning 10 titles faster than any bowler in PBA history, but the sleeping giant may have awoken again.

Jones bounced back from a sluggish first half of the 2007-08 Denny's PBA Tour season to advance to his first championship round of the season, defeating David Traber, four-games-to-two, Saturday in the 2008 Championship at the National Bowling Stadium.

The 10-time titlist came into this week just 19th in the PBA World Point Rankings through nine events and failed to make a TV appearance in the first half of a season for the first time since his rookie campaign in 2001-02.

Jones picked a surprising time to break through, making a show for the first time on the Shark oil pattern since 2002.

"I honestly have no clue why I bowled well on this pattern this week," Jones (Simpsonville, S.C.) said. "When we first started bowling on these named patterns I made my first two shows on Shark and since then I haven't made one show on this pattern. You had to throw it slow this week and the lanes were really tight. Fortunately that helped me get my timing back."

Jones used a strong showing in his backyard to close the first half, finishing seventh in the Spartanburg Classic in Spartanburg, S.C., his best finish of the season coming into this week.

"I just haven't bowled very well at times and haven't matched up at times. When you don't bowl with confidence out here, it's hard to beat these guys," Jones said. "The last event helped a little. I still didn't bowl that well, but I was still close enough to compete well and that give me some confidence."

Jones will face Ryan Shafer in Sunday's finals after Shafer defeated 2006-07 PBA Player of the Year Doug Kent, 4-0. Like Jones, Shafer has been struggling this season as he will also be making his first championship round appearance of the season. In Shafer's last finals appearance, he became the 18th bowler in PBA history to fire a perfect game on national TV when he defeated Jeff Carter, 300-228, in the Pepsi Championship semifinals before he came up short in the title match. He's looking for his first title since 2003.

The other semifinal Sunday will feature Patrick Allen and Danny Wiseman in a rematch of the 2004 United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Masters title match. Allen is making his third consecutive championship round after winning the Lumber Liquidators Championship and finishing third in the Spartanburg Classic to finish the first half. The defending champion, who went 14-0 at the National Bowling Stadium last season en route to the title, defeated 54-year-old Roger Kossert, 4-1. Kossert was looking to become the third-oldest bowler ever to win a Denny's PBA Tour title.

Wiseman, who owns 11 titles but hasn't won since defeating Allen in the 2004 Masters, defeated Joe Ciccone, 4-0.



Patrick Allen

Although his 14-game winning streak in the National Bowling Stadium ended Friday morning, Patrick Allen continued to be the king of the stadium.

The defending champion Allen won both his matches Friday to advance to the Round of 8 in the 2008 Championship, a year after making history in the stadium.

Allen tied a PBA record a year ago when went 14-0 en route to the title in the 2007 H&R Block Classic, defeating PBA Hall of Famers Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams Jr. in the finals. Although he lost his first game in the Round of 32 Friday to end the streak, Allen came back to defeat Riga Kalfas, 4-2 to advance to the Round of 16.

The 10-time titlist then jumped out to a 3-0 lead over Norm Duke in the Round of 16 before Duke came back to win the next three games. Allen overcame the 26-time titlist in the seventh and deciding game, 246-201, to advance to Saturday's Round of 8.

"I just bowled well again this week. In fact, this is the best I've bowled in about three or four years," Allen (Wesley Chapel, Fla.) said. "I don't think the lanes are all that easy and I've made them look like they're somewhat easy."

Allen is off to a strong start this season, a contrast to his 2006-07 season when he didn't make a TV appearance in the first nine events until his break out in Reno. In the first nine events this season, Allen has one title and three TV appearances, including back-to-back championship rounds to close out the first swing.

"The left side was just really good for two weeks and I took advantage of it," the left-handed Allen said of his performance in Baltimore and Spartanburg. "I knew I still needed to throw it better. Even though I made the show in Spartanburg, the lanes were easy. The condition this week (Shark) makes you focus more and if you throw it badly the lane is going to tell you immediately. A lot of guys are throwing it well because you really have to concentrate and think in order to execute, rather than in easier weeks when you don't have to pure it every shot to throw a seven bagger."

Allen will face 53-year-old Roger Kossert Saturday, a surprise finalist who advanced through Wednesday's Denny's PBA Tour Qualifying Round. A three-time PBA Senior Tour champion, Kossert defeated No.1 Steve Harman in the Round of 32, 4-1, and No.16 Ken Simard, 4-2, in the Round of 16.

Saturday's other matches feature No.28 Joe Ciccone vs. No.20 Danny Wiseman, No.31 Ryan Shafer going up against 2006-07 PBA Player of the Year and No.7 seed Doug Kent, and No.11 David Traber vs. No.19 Tommy Jones, the 2005-06 PBA Player of the Year.



Steve Harman

Steve Harman's rookie season on the Denny's PBA Tour has been up-and-down so far, but with his performance Thursday, he may be ready for a break out second half.

Harman led the Round of 64 in the 2008 Championship at the National Bowling Stadium with a 3,085 14-game pinfall to earn the top seed for Friday's match play.

The 33-year-old finished third in the 2007 Lake County Indiana Denny's PBA Tour Trials last summer to earn his first career exemption, but he was inconsistent the first half of this season and came into the week 48th in the PBA World Point Rankings. He made match play just three times in the first eight events, but did have a confidence-building ninth-place finish in the Lumber Liquidators Championship, the second-to-last event of the first half.

"The first half was trying, exhausting and up-and-down, more than anything. I just haven't been able to put two weeks together," Harman (Indianapolis) said. "I just needed a couple weeks to refresh my mind. This is the first time I've been away from my family."

On Thursday, Harman got off to a slow start in the first seven-game block, averaging just 197.40 over the first five games, but he made a ball change and finished the block with games of 278 and 255. He used a completely different ball for the entire second block and averaged 223.57 over the final seven games to take the lead.

"The last two games (the first block) I grabbed a ball I hadn't thrown all day and moved to a completely different part of lane to see what would happen and I just kept striking," Harman said. "I didn't throw that ball all night tonight though. The lanes played a lot tighter for me than they did this morning."

Harman is confident he can improve on his first half performance with at least one event on each of the PBA's five different patterns under his belt.

"The second time I'm seeing the patterns, I'm bowling better on them," Harman said. "When you bowl in the regionals the lanes break down totally different. As well as I bowled today, that gives me a lot of confidence moving forward."

Harman will face No. 32 Roger Kossert (Brandon, Fla.), a PBA Senior Tour bowler who earned the final spot in match play by just two pins over Jack Jurek.

Three players who enjoyed a lot of success in the first half of the season follow Harman. Chris Barnes (Double Oak, Texas), who is second in the PBA World Point Rankings, finished second with 3,050. PBA Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III (Jackson, N.J.), who won the final event of the first half for his 31st career title, finished third with 3,006 while all-time Denny's PBA Tour titles leader Walter Ray Williams Jr. finished fourth with 3,004. Williams (Ocala, Fla.) dominated the first half of the season, winning two titles and making five championship round appearances.

Barnes will face No. 31 Ryan Shafer (Horseheads, N.Y.), Bohn will face No. 30 Michael Fagan (Patchogue, N.Y.) while Williams will face No. 29 Curtis Woods Jr. (Santa Rosa, Calif.) in Friday's single elimination match play Round of 32.

Defending champion Patrick Allen (Wesley Chapel, Fla.), who has already won one title this season, finished eighth with 2,943 and will face No. 25 Riga Kalfas. Last season, Allen tied a PBA record by going 14-0 in match play en route to the title.