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 【PBA Senior Tour】 Epicenter Classic 【Final】

Schlegel Back on Track

Ernie Schlegel

While he hadn't won a PBA Senior Tour title in the last four years, Ernie Schlegel had no qualms in beating the top seed from qualifying in the 2007 PBA Senior Epicenter Classic at The Epicenter Bowling Complex in Klamath Falls.

In a battle of PBA Hall of Famers, Schlegel defeated top-seed David Ozio (Beaumont, Texas), 235-215, to claim his first PBA Senior Tour title since the 2003 PBA Senior Northern California Classic in Brentwood, Calif.

Schlegel refused to let Ozio in the match after the Texan left splits in the fifth and 10th frames.

"It always feels good to win. The cliche is true, winning never gets old," said Schlegel (Vancouver, Wash.). "The win is the only anything that matters. If you win ugly, who cares, the win is what counts. If you are able to pick up some splits and convert your spares, chances are you are going to do well."

Schlegel advanced to the finals after defeating the event's second seed, Henry Gonzalez (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 245-182.

Ozio knocked off Bob Brady (Santa Monica, Calif.), 258-231, in the semifinals to advance.

Schlegel took home $8,000 for the victory, while Ozio earned $4,500 for second. Gonzalez and Brady took home $3,000 apiece for third and fourth.






昨年の「KIRIN CUP OPEN」、先日の「ROUND1 CUP」に続く両者の優勝決定戦は、過去2回ともムンが制したが、今大会トップシードのジョンが気迫の投球を見せ序盤ダブル、中盤フォース、終盤ターキーと完璧な投球でムンをねじ伏せ今季初・JPBA通算4勝目を挙げた。('05のジャパンオープン以来)



序盤互角の戦いもムンが5フレからフォース・スペア・パンチアウトで児島を圧倒、「ROUND1 CUP」に続くKPBA対決(優勝戦)となった。


 【JPBA】 イーグルクラシック 【TV決勝】









 【JPBA】 イーグルクラシック 【ラウンドロビン】



ポジションマッチ190-237で児島に勝ったジョン・テハが「ROUND1 CUP」に続く2試合連続でTVトップシードを果たす。負けた児島が2位で進出、何とかJPBAの意地をみせて欲しい。そして「ROUND1 CUP」優勝のムン・ビョンヨルがポジションマッチで山崎を下し(202-223)、2試合連続優勝に向けまずは3位決定戦へ。


 【JPBA】 イーグルクラシック 【ラウンドロビン】





 【JPBA】 イーグルクラシック 【準決勝】



予選1位の益田が704・750と更にスコアを伸ばしトップでラウンドロビンへ進出、2位は準決勝ベストスコア(36名中244AVGでトップ)の山崎、3位に5G目惜しくもパーフェクトを逃した(298)児島、そして先日の「ROUND1 CUP」でワンツーフィニッシュを決めたKPBAの実力者ムンビョンヨル(7位進出)とジョンテハ(5位進出)ら8名がラウンドロビン進出を決めた。






 【JPBA】 イーグルクラシック 【予選第3ステージ】





 【JPBA】 イーグルクラシック 【予選第3ステージ】





 【PBA Senior Tour】 U.S. Open 【Final】

The Top Texan

Rick Minier

In a battle of two Texans, it was an amateur who came out on top over a PBA Hall of Famer in the 2007 PBA Senior U.S. Open presented by Suncoast.

Rick Minier (Houston, Texas) put together a string of six consecutive strikes to defeat David Ozio (Beaumont, Texas), 240-223, in the title match of the stepladder finals to capture his first career PBA Senior Tour title.

The second-seeded Ozio opened the title match with three strikes while the top seed Minier spared in the first and doubled in the next two frames.

It was in the fourth frame where the tide of the match changed. After leaving a 10-pin on his first shot, Ozio, who won the 2004 PBA Senior U.S. Open, missed the spare conversion leaving an open frame in the midst of Minier's six-strike string.

Minier's string was snapped in the eighth with an open frame of his own, but the amateur struck in the ninth and with his opening shot in the 10th to close out the match and capture his first career title.

"This is definitely the biggest title I've ever won. I've won some nice tournaments, but this is the biggest," said Minier. "I was nervous out there. I posted a good shot every frame except for the eighth when I hung up the split. But this is hard to top. It doesn't get any better than this.

In the semifinal match Ozio knocked off two-time defending U.S. Open champion Tom Baker (King, N.C.), 226-196. Baker was in trouble after five frames, picking up only two strikes to Ozio's four. Ozio allowed Baker back into the match with three spares in frames six through nine, but closed the door with a double in 10th frame.

In the first stepladder match Baker defeated the fourth seed Bob Handley (Winter Park, Fla.), 239-215. Baker used strikes in five of the first six frames and was aided by a Handley open in the sixth to take the final's first match.

With the win Minier takes home $20,000 and a berth into the 2008 PBA Tournament of Champions. Ozio earns $11,000 for second. Baker earns $7,000 and Handley $5,500 for their third and fourth place finishes, respectively.









 【PBA Senior Tour】 Tucson Open 【Final】

Ross is Boss

Ross Packard

In a match that looked like he might be done in early, Ross Packard battled back to defeat Bob Chamberlain, 190-168, to earn his second career PBA Senior Tour title in the 2007 PBA Senior Tucson Open.

After leaving opens in two of his first frames, Packard responded with three consecutive strikes while Chamberlain battled opens in his third and fourth frames after striking in the first two.

Chamberlain doubled to put the pressure on Packard before leaving a third open in the seventh frame. Packard took advantage sandwiching a strike between two nine-spares.

With Packard watching, Chamberlain could have forced him to double in the 10th frame to win, but instead left a 10-pin to open in the ninth and a fifth open in the 10th to finish with 168 giving Packard the win.

"The three strikes helped out tremendously," said Packard (San Jose, Calif.). "I got off to a bad start, but luckily he wasn't able to jump out so far. I made a bad shot and then I missed a spare in the third and I paid for it. I got the three-bagger after that and was able to bounce back."

The win marked Packard's second career PBA Senior Tour Title after winning the 2005 PBA Senior Northern California Classic.

Packard, who entered match play on Wednesday seeded 18th, missing the 16th seed and a bye past the Round of 24 and ironically a possible Round of 8 match with Chamberlain by nine pins, used an 11-3 record to advance to the semifinals where he defeated amateur Terry Leong, 248-170. Packard’s biggest win before the title came in the Round of 16 when he defeated second-seeded Kevin Croucher, three-games-to-one.

Chamberlain, the top seed in match play, swept Michael Henry (Brunswick, Ohio) in the Round of 16 before defeating PBA Hall of Famer Ernie Schlegel (Vancouver, Wash.), 2-1. David Ozio gave Chamberlain a major test in the semifinals before falling, 223-207.

Packard took home $8,000 for the victory, while Chamberlain earned $4,500 for second. Leong and Ozio took home $3,000 each for third and fourth.


 【JPBA】 下半期女子トーナメント出場優先順位決定戦 【第2日目】












両者まったく譲らぬ展開で7フレが終了しムンが僅か1ピンリード。ともに8・9フレダブルで勝負は10フレへ。10フレ先投げのムンは一投目完璧な投球もまさかのジャストエイト、完全に流れはジョンへ向いたと思われたが、ジョンの投げた10フレ一投目は、何と6.7.10の7本スプリット!再び女神はムンに微笑みかけムンのJPBA通算2勝目となった。 負けたジョンは昨年の「KIRIN CUP」に続くムンとの優勝決定戦2連敗で悔しい準優勝、そしてJPBAメンバーにとっては奮起を促す大会となった。










ジョン・テハがポジションマッチも216でムン・ビョンヨル(213)に勝ち、ぶっちぎりでTVトップシード獲得!敗れたムンも貯金が効いて2位でTV進出、そしてポジションマッチ3位市原対4位石原の対戦は、市原が石原に敗れるも94ポイント差は縮まらず3位、石原は236で市原に勝ったものの差は縮まらず何とか4位でTV進出を果たした。市原は2003年の「新人戦」以来2勝目と新時代の担い手として、石原は今年の「「シニア」以来14勝目と日本のエースとして「ROUND1 CUP」海外流失を阻止を賭けてTV決勝へ!





予選トップのジョン・テハが準決勝でも大きくスコアを伸ばし(241AVG)トップでラウンドロビン進出、2位に先日「KIRIN CUP」で11年ぶりの優勝を挙げ勢いに乗る原田、3位に昨年大会準優勝の山崎、4位に今大会安定感No.1の酒井、5位に準決勝後半で巻き返した石原らとベテラン勢が上位を独占した。












 【PBA】 Tour Trials 【Final】

Perfection to Exemption

The list of exempt bowlers for the 2007-08 Denny's PBA Tour is set after seven new names completed the 59-man roster following the 2007 Lake County Indiana Denny's PBA Tour Trials at Stardust Bowl II.

Todd Book (Cantonment, Fla.), who led four out of the five nine-game rounds bowled on the five different PBA oil patterns, led the way followed by Ronnie Russell (Indianapolis), Steve Harman (Camby, Ind.), Brian LeClair (Athens, N.Y.), Troy Wollenbecker (Toledo, Ohio), Chad Kloss (Greenfield, Wis.) and Steve Weber (Chalmette, La.).

While Book cruised through the day with the lead and finished with a 10,063 45-game pinfall, Russell made the biggest jump, firing one of the day's three perfect games and posting the day's highest score, 2,202 on the Cheetah oil pattern to finish with 10,044. Russell entered the final day ninth.

"This pattern is not even close to being my best pattern. I had a good ball reaction throwing an Ebonite RXS300," said Russell. "In this event you have to go out and get it. If you wait for people to catch you, they'll catch you. That was pretty obvious today. My score today was the most I've ever been over and to be honest it's surprising. As heavy as I roll, I'm sure some people probably counted me out today. I think wanting it so much probably got me there."

Harmon also posted one of the day's three perfect games, firing the 300 in his seventh game and finished with 10,027.

LeClair regained his exemption from the 2006-07 Denny's PBA Tour with a fourth-place finish and a total pinfall of 9,991. The veteran bowler, who has bowled in 356 Denny's PBA Tour events, finished 47th in the 2006-07 PBA World Point Rankings.

Also making a big jump Sunday was Wollenbecker who entered the day 11th before shooting the day's fourth-highest score, 2,137, to finish fifth with 9,973.

Kloss shot a 2,039 Sunday, his highest round of the event, to finish sixth with 9,911.

The final and most dramatic exemption belonged to Weber, who edged out Randy Weiss (Columbia, S.C.) by just six pins. Weber, despite shooting 197 in his final score, averaged 254.50 over his final four games to finish with a total pinfall of 9,891.